For your tailored Solar PV solution

For your tailored Solar PV solution
Ask Mark, the energy savings expert

Our panels and systems manufacturers range from budget pricing, with no hidden costs, through to some of the most powerful systems on the planet.

All our solar electricity systems are tailored for your specific needs, taking into consideration many specific factors, including;

  • how much and when you use your energy
  • how large or small your energy bills are
  • the available unshaded roof space for your system
  • and the aspect and pitch of your roof.

It’s important to understand during the decision making process that systems with the same headline specification do not perform the same, to the extent that individual panels or cells can be as much as 50% more or less efficient.

With fantastic Government solar incentives in place, to fight quickly rising traditional energy costs, now is the time to Ask Mark, the energy savings expert. Get expert advice before you invest in your system, so you can be sure that your investment is a wise one.

Incentives are available to help you offset the initial cost of installing your system. 


Choose wisely with Mark Group

With many ‘offers’ and ‘deals’ on the market it’s vital to get expert advice from energy experts when considering which Solar PV or Electricity systems. Particularly when many budget deals are cheap because the system advertised generates considerably less electricity than standard systems, and often end up much more expensive than the advertised price when hidden costs are added on. Worse still the payback on your investment can often take many years, making it very important to buy the right system for your home and your specific requirements.

Mark Group will always take a straightforward and transparent approach, we talk in plain English, and always deal in facts. 

Rapidly Rising Energy Costs

You may have already received the shock in the mail, electricity prices are on a rapid rise. For example in New South Wales, prices have already increased by 25% in a single year, and a further 60% increase is expected over the next three years.

Future proof your energy spending today!

Mark Group Solar is a global company, with over 1,500 employees, dedicated to providing a ‘whole house’ solution to energy efficiency.

36 years ago Mark Group first began helping householders manage their energy efficiency. Today we make over 6,000 homes more energy efficient every week, making us one of the world leaders in the installation of energy efficiency products.

We strongly believe in our traditional values of quality and service, ensuring that you are treated like a customer rather than an order. We strongly believe in employing local people on a full time basis. In this way our employees build careers with us and enjoy the benefits of working in a global business focused on assisting customers address rising energy prices and the impact of energy consumption on climate change.

Our expert team is trained through TAFE and our own in house Mark Academy. All our supervisors carry appropriate trades qualifications and all our Solar Electricity installations are completed by Clean Energy Council qualified and registered electricians.

Mark Group are the energy saving experts. Servicing 3 continents from 28 offices worldwide, we’ve specialised in energy efficiency for nearly 40 years. Worldwide, we install energy efficient solutions in over 7000 homes every week, which means we are able to use our international buying power to deliver the very best products and solutions at the very best prices. This has helped us quickly become one of Australia’s largest installers of Solar products. Find out more about Mark Group.

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