5 ways to a greener kitchen..

Going green is a great way to save the environment AND save money. But not sure where to start?

1. Buy a Water Filter: Many of us won’t drink tap water because  of it’s unusual taste. Buying a water filter for your kitchen tap can help you overcome that feeling. It’s a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to purchasing  bottled water, which is harmful to our environment. And even better, water filters cost under $100!

2. Don’t always buy the branded cleaning products. Just because they’re popular doesn’t mean theyre safe. Organic cleansers and dish-washing liquids work just as effectively and doesn’t contain chemicals or harsh abrasives.

3. Get a rice cooker. It stops you from having to make rice on your stove and it saves time! A rice cooker with a stainless steel insert is also the best choice. Avoid all ‘non-stick’ options as they are made with Teflon or aluminium – both known to hurt the human body and the environment.

4. Start a compost heap – Much better for the environment if you share your tea bags, egg shells and coffee beans with those little worms in your backyard who can break it down for you. As a result, the rich compost can be used in gardens, landscaping and agriculture.

5. Turn off your dishwasher & start cleaning your dishes by hand. And put some elbow grease into it. Saves you a whole heap of electricity.

Price freeze

The old freezer or bar fridge in the garage is a surprisingly hungry electricity user. Turn off fridges and freezers until you might need them such as for family gatherings or parties. If they are more than 10 years old, they will use a lot more power than newer, energy efficient fridges and freezers. Maybe you’d think twice about having a bait freezer if you realised how much it was really costing you in power.

You can buy a power meter for around $20 that you can plug between your appliance and the wall point that will give you a power usage amount for that appliance. It is interesting to see what your various appliances use and get an idea of who the real culprits are.

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